Japan called economic power, But, after the collapse of the bubble economy, japanese financial management rapidly declined and long declined.
Our company economy shows promising signs,
as the vitality cultivated through many employee wisdom and efforts amid the prolonged recession
has been put into action through the reform activities of the company.
And,Our company unfolds newly to the overseas market in business affairs section as well as the field of production to continue winning.
We want to continue winning.

Manufacturing division do aim to further improve always conventional.
We use the knowledge that we cultivated by manufacturing.
Then,The trading division asks it for the workmanship to the
foreign countries and sells the machine.
Still more,Our company gathered the experts of each field.
We sell the product which Japan including
the car is proud of to overseas all of you.
Our company can offer the special car only for you, too.
We plan on planning some kind of fun event.
Our company arangement the staff in
Southeast Asia in our company
and fixed the system which could support immediately.
All staff make asupply hi-valuable for you.
We always aim at the further improvement.

Please look forward to our potential.
Thank you


Shuichi Hiyama

Company KANEKO PLANER co.,ltd
Address 3−20−2 Minami hatogaya
Kawaguchi-shi Saitama pref 334-0013

AM10:00〜PM5:00 Mon〜Fri
President Shuichi Hiyama
Establishment AD:1946y(Thailand2489y)
Capital 6,000,000JPY
Main Business part of various industrial equipment
and accessories production
(welding, manufacturing)
(welding, manufacturing of the vacuum container) of various vacuum containers such as ceramics
and incidental facilities
Production (welding, manufacturing) of the car-related part
Main Bank Saitama risona Bank Hatogaya
Johoku Union Mineniihori
Sugamo Union Nanpei
Financial Month of Year July/1y

Manufacturing industry leading organization
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    Kyoryoku-kai Head Office:Kaneko Planer.,co ltd

Head Factory
X Y Z Manufacturer
Horizontal Machining Center 2600 1270 1070 OKK
Vertical Machining Center 2000 830 800 OKK
Vertical Machining Center 1250 635 635 OKK
Doble column 5 Face Machining Center 6000 2850 1800 Shin Nippon Koki
CNC Doble Column Vertical Boring Miller 2400 1600 1000 Shin Nippon Koki
Horizontal Borer 1400 1200 1500 Toshiba Kikai
Fiber Leser Welding MAX150w 0.2-50m sec   Technocoat 
Radial Drilling Machine 2000R        Ogawa Iron Works
Chain Hoist 10ton 1 KITO
5ton 2 Meidenshya
3ton 2 Meidenshya
Track 4ton     Isuzu
Track 1.5ton 1 Toyota
Forklift 1.5ton 1 TCM 

Second Factory

Model Specification Unit Manufacturer
Semi-Automatic Welder 500A 2 Matushitadenki
Semi-Automatic Welder 300A 3 Matushitadenki
Argon Welder  300A 2 Matushitadenki/Daiden 
Argon Welder  100A 1 Matushitadenki
Air plasma cutting machine Aluminum stainless steel cuttingt55 1 Daiden
Turning roll 5ton 1 Koikesanso
Chain Hoist  5ton 1 Meidenshya
3ton 2 Meidensya
Track 1.5ton 1 Toyota

AD 1946
The founder is Shigeru Kaneko.
Naka-cho Kawaguchi-shi Saitama pref.
To introduce a Gate Planer.

AD 1952 Establish : Kaneko Planer Kousakujyo co.,ltd
President Shigeru Kaneko
Capital : 3,000,000JPY

AD 1972 New factory in Hatogaya (Minami Hatogaya Kawaguchi-shi)Saitama pref.
To inroduce a Planer.
Start up Processedn Planer and Welding manufacturing.

AD 1974 Shift : Hatogaya Factory to Kaneko Planer Hatogaya Factory On a self supporting.
Capital : 3,000,000JPY
President : Shigeru Kaneko
Hatogaya Factory Responsible Person : Kou Hiyama

AD 1977 Kaneko Planer Hatogaya Factory : Gear up a company's operations
Introduction : Okamura Iron Works Gate Planer
Total 2 Gate Planer.

AD 1979 Introduction : Oigo Seisakusho Gate Planer
Total 3 Gate Planer

AD 1981 Introduction : Horizontal Borer

AD 1985 Introduction : OKK Vertical Machining Center MHA800
Introduction : Algon welding

AD 1988 Introduction : OKK Horizontal Machining Center MCH1000
New Factory : Welding manufacturing in Edo Kawaguchi-shi Saitama pref

AD 1991 introduction : OKK Vertical Machining Center MCV630
Closing : Kaneko Planer Kousakujyo ltd in Naka-cho Kawaguchi-shi Saitama pref
Shift : President Shuichi Hiyama CEO Shigeru Kaneko

AD 1992 Shift : Kaneko Planer ltd
Capital : 6,000,000JPY

AD 1996 Introduction : Shin Nippon Kouki CNC Doble Column Vertical Boring Miller RB-2N
Maximum size of work : 2,000 X4, 500

AD 2004 Introduction : CAD/CAM

AD 2006 Introduction : Shin Nippon Kouki Doble column 5 Face Machining Center RB-5VM
Abolition : Okamura Iron Works,Oigo seisakushyo Gate Planer
Maximum size of work :2,850 X6, 000
Shift : Kaneko Planer co.,ltd

AD 2011 Start up Kaneko-Planer.com Home page

AD 2013 New Enterprise :
KANEKO PLANER TRADING DIVISION(Head office = Saitama pref Japan)


Various machine parts , Vacuum apparatus ,
Vacuum apparatus parts , Automotive parts
(for exterior and interior automotive) , All the manufacturing etc


Various machine parts , Vacuum apparatus ,
Vacuum apparatus parts , Various housing ,
Automotive supplies , Automotive supplies case ,
Various provide (Revice) , All the welding


Various machineries , Vacuum apparatus , Incidental facilities

Various machines , Device assembling , Local installation
ISUZU 4t TOYOTA 1.5tx2(ownership) and others transport arrange
KPTD Japan : Automobile Motercycle Sales,Buy(Saitama pref of Police Licence)
Automobile Automotive supplies parts Motercycle Export Inport
(Kingdam of Thailand Licence No1948)
Mechanic,Body and Paint,Registration,Making Sales Export Import
Automotive supplies parts Planning Making Sales
Insurance(Japan only)
Food, drink, jewelry Sales and Export Import
Domestic foreign event plan, administration, various consulting services
Website : Planning Manufacturing Management etc

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