Manufacturing division do aim to further
improve always conventional.
We use the knowledge that we cultivated by manufacturing.
Then,The trading division asks it for the workmanship to the foreign
countries and sells the machine.
Still more,Our company gathered the experts of each field.
We sell the product which Japan including the car is
proud of to overseas all of you.
Our company can offer the special car only for you, too.
We plan on planning some kind of fun event.
Our company arangement the staff in Southeast Asia
in our company and fixed the system
which could support immediately.
All staff make asupply hi-valuable for you.
We always aim at the further improvement.

Please look forward to our potential.
Thank you


Japan : Automobile Motercycle Sales,Buy(Saitama pref of Police Licence)
Automobile Automotive supplies parts Motercycle Export Inport
(Kingdam of Thailand Licence No1948)
Mechanic,Body and Paint,Registration,Making Sales Export Import
Automotive supplies parts Planning Making Sales
Insurance(Japan only)
Food, drink, jewelry Sales and Export Import
Domestic foreign event plan, administration, various consulting services
Website : Planning Manufacturing Management etc

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